Heart Circle

Circle of Sisters who love to serve with hands, hearts, and purpose to help others and spread the Good News with a whole lot of worship in between.

Over the 17 years since the creation of this organization, the Sisters have maintained support for foundations such as Davidson County Crisis Ministries, Mt. Olivet Carolina Cross Connection, Davidson County Domestic Violence Foundation, Tiny Hands, Mercy Ships, and so many more. There's also successful projects that the Sisters have fulfilled in line with the church building and playground. Endless requests come our way from needy church families and throughout the community from sources such as Davidson County Senior Services, Social Services, and local school teachers and staff. The Pastor also gets calls from neighbors who are facing a crisis. The Heart Circle Sisters are there with a donation.

We have a whole lot lovin' in the oven going out twice a year with our bake sales, homemade goodies for the shut-ins, and whenever there's someone who needs cheering up for whatever reason. There is a sense of hospitality and unconditional loving attitudes about all the women in this team of friends that shines through every time. There is a foundation of heart-warming integrity that surrounds this circle of friends. The Sisters are loyal to Jesus' ways, to our church family, and to our pastor which are unquestionable homespun qualities. We continue to prepare meals for the homeless shelter, fellowship dinners, and Vacation Bible School gatherings. "No" is never a response when the mission needs arise.

Once a year we do a Fall Service for both worship hours completely led by the Sisters from the liturgist to the music to the sermon. It gets everyone involved with organizing the agenda and getting experience in what our pastor has to do for every Sunday, not just once a year. It is definitely a humbling adventure.

The Sisters meed the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The locations vary from local restaurants to individual Sister's homes to the church parsonage. Throughout the year there are Heart Circle field trips that offer a sense of revival and renwal.

Our Mission Statement:

1 Corinthians 12:27: "Now we are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it."

As the Heart Circle sisters serve others in the body of Christ, we offer women of all ages opportunities for faith-filled fellowship and community mission fulfillment.

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