Worship Choirs

I will thank the Lord with all my heart;
I will declare all Your wonderful works.
I will rejoice and boast about You;
I will sing about Your name, Most High.
Psalms 9:1-2

These beautiful verses in the book of Psalms describe the purpose and resolve of our singers and their committed efforts in reminding people of God's wonderful works. There is always a labor of love for rejoicing and boasting about God as the members of the choir lift their voices to sing about His name.

The Easter and Christmas Cantatas are very important in our church's yearly celebrations. Our choir invites the high school and middle school teens to join in the cantata journey and their voices always balance out the distinctive style of the harmony flow between the seasoned voices and the young people's bright tones. 

Our styles of music selections are such a mixture of the old beloved hymns interwoven with gospel songs of inspiration and and contemporary pieces that communicate the message of redemption and hope.

Ralph Carmichael, a great Christian music songwriter and lyricist once wrote, "The church has always sung, whether on the high mountain of victory and celebration or through the low valley of persecution and despair, still the church has sung with great fervor. Let the church sing on!"

Youth Singers of Mt. Olivet

For almost 40 years the youth choirs have blessed the congregation with their sounds of joy. It started out as the Junior Choir Singers and then moved into the Alpha and Holy Spirit groups. Now they are between known as the Legends of Love and Praise. Many of the youngsters have developed confidence in giving their gifts of singing back to God through solos and duets, as well as during worship throughout the year. There's fundraising events that require the help of our Youth Choirs through gospel pageants and cantatas.

The Children's Christmas Program is held on a December Sabbath evening each year. This celebration is never the same, with plenty of vocalizing in small groups, mini-skits, and re-enactments from the Bethlehem characters. The Children's Choir is always excited about their job in contributing to whatever mission goal that is before them by working hard to make these programs the best they can be to honor Jesus and to help the least, last, and lost.

We know that the Bible is so very important and vital for the sowing of the seed. But through the years I (Mrs. Kathy) have discovered nothing can or will prepare the soil of the heart like the songs of faith. Good old hymns of faith and gospel music can get to the heart of worship, and the youth of our church will continue to worship and celebrate the greatness of our God with more excitement and enthusiasm now and in the years to come.


For more information on Mt. Olivet's choirs, contact:

  • Missy Frye, Organist and 8:45 a.m. Choir Director

  • Kathy Knox, Pianist and 11:00 a.m. Choir Director/Children’s Choir Director